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My story

Hi there, my name is Devalina or Deva for short. I am a woman of mostly Irish and some French ancestry and use she/her pronouns. I was raised on Coast Salish Territory and currently am residing on Ohlone territory, also known as the Santa Cruz Mountains.

After going through my own health crisis and then healing journey, I have evolved into a clinical herbalist, bodyworker and chef. All of these things have led me to a deeper connection to the land and all it has to offer. I weave ritual into my practice and medicine making and am ever committed to better understanding ancient ways.

In my free time, I am passionate about homesteading, medicine making, movement, bee keeping and most things that get my hands/feet dirty. 

Currently I grow most of the herbs used in my formulas in my shop. I believe that regeneration and reparations are what are needed for us to move forward through these ever intensifying times. My work and life are inspired by and supported by a web of teachers, healers, artists, dreamers and farmers.

Saoirse Medicinals, pronounced “suur sha” is Irish Gaelic for sovereignty and freedom.

I truly believe that when we are in alignment and well, we are free. My job as a facilitator is to help you get there.

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