Saoirse catering is focused on
             flavour driven meals, intentional service and                mindful sourcing.

Saoirse Catering offers predominantly plant based meals but can also include grass fed and ethically sourced meats and seafood. With a focus on nourishment through traditional diets, the intention is always to support local purveyors and farmers whenever possible. 


Saoirse offers catering for retreats, farm-to-table feasts, postpartum meals, home based meal prepping and much more.

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“I hired Devalina to cater a Wellness Retreat at our event space, and she curated a well-organized, thoughtful, and skilled dining experience that catered to various dietary needs. Not only is she an incredible chef who makes farm-fresh, bright and beautiful, nutritious and delicious food, but she is an absolute joy to work with. Devalina’s nurturing and graceful presence are as nourishing as her food! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Devalina.”

-Sarah B.

"We are very grateful that Deva and Guy catered our wedding. The food was so beautiful, colourful and full of life ~ beyond what we could have dreamed up. The freshness of the local vegetables and flowers gave it a vitality that made us feel both nourished and light enough for dancing. It was clearly made with a lot of love and intention. Thank you for giving all of us all such a beautiful culinary  experience!"

-Anna K.

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