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Herbs & your Nervous System

February 19th 5pm

  This has been a strange and stressful year and most of our nervous systems are feeling it. Heck, this modern world is stressful! If you have ever suffered from anxiety, depression, insomnia or stress, the plants can be wonderful allies to hold you through these times. In this zoom class we will get a basic overview of how to work with herbs in a supportive way. What you will learn:

~Basic overview of how our nervous system works.

~Herbal actions-Herbs for your nervous system. What is a nervine? What is an adaptogen?

~What is the best way to take these herbs?

~Other self care tips & tricks!

~Document & resource guide.

To sign up, click the link below, add your  email and what class you are signing up for! Hope to see you folks there!