I help people take their health into their own hands, return to land based practices & thrive in this crazy world.

Holistic Health and Wellbeing are at the cornerstone of being grounded in this ever changing world. When I was younger, I was so confused on how to heal my body & show up for myself. Other health models kept me sick, over-spending & in a victim mentality for too long. It was only when I found a more grounded & and holistic perspective that my health started to shift. From that point on 8 years ago, I dedicated myself to learn as much as I could so that I could be empowered to help others. 


So here we are! My approach utilizes a lot of skills I’ve have acquired over the years. I pull on western herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition, embodiment and somatic practices & earth based witchiness. I aim to get to the root of the issues present, help you break cycles & thrive. I prepare customized plans & medicine tailored to YOU!

Do any of these sound like you?

I am tired of being treated like a generic human-being prescribed various things that don’t  support my uniqueness..
 I feel disconnected from the natural world & my body’s natural rhythms..
 I’m afraid that I’m defined by my health issues and am sick of feeling like the victim…
 I am exhausted by pushing through all the time…
 I don’t know how to trust my body or medical professionals…
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 The alchemy of showing up for yourself, dedication to the work and having everything customized to you is EPIC. This multi-month journey together includes:

~an initial consultation

~bi monthly zoom meetings

~completely customized herbal formulations & care plans

~access to recipes, e-courses & more

Herbalism and Nutrition Trainings

200 hour Clinical Herbalism Program-David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies (current)

400 hour Clinical Internship, Berkeley Herbal Center, CA 2020

600 hour Clinical Apprenticeship, Berkeley Herbal Center, CA 2019

200 hour Alchemical Herbalism, The Evolutionary School of Herbalism, 2018

80 hour A year of Gaia, The Gaia School if Healing, 2017

Holistic Nutrition, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 2016

Systemic inflammation, food intolerance and Autoimmunity, Paul Bergner 2018

Women’s Health, Anatomy, Hormones & Cycle Tracking, Krista Dawn 2019

Achieving Optimal Health through Nourishing Traditional Diets, Sally Fallon Morrel 2019


Client Testimonial

"The herbal medicine provided by Deva is nothing short of phenomenal. Multiple times I have had a very specific ailment that was easily targeted and cured with the tinctures, teas, and herbal concoctions that Deva has to offer. I will always try an herbal medicine before turning to modern western medicine and so far the knowledge and help of Saorise hasn't let me down and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for herbal medicines."

-Brian M