Plant allies to support  your journey.

Always organic. Made in ritual and with integrity. 

5% of all sales go to The Amah Mutsun Land  Trust.

Most of the plants used in our formulas are grown on the land that

we tend in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA. Otherwise they are ethically
wildcrafted or sourced sustainably from small scale farms.


All oils, spirits and other materials used by Devalina to create these products

are of the highest quality, using methods that extract constituents

skillfully to make potent medicine.

Please note that orders ship out on Tuesdays. Thank you for your patience.

 The products are small batch, seasonal and are approachable to many. If you are looking for a custom formula tailored to your needs, or looking for single herb extracts, please reach out to me. See current list of single extracts below:


-Usnea                        -Schisandra           -Wild Yam               -Feverfew              -Dong Quai         -Turmeric        -Milk Thistle

-Echinacea (DE)         -Willow                 -Tulsi                       -Valerian                -Black cohosh     -Aralia.            -Chaste tree

-California Poppy       -Cramp Bark         -Lemon Balm          -Passion flower      -Yerba Santa       -Yarrow           -Hedge nettle

-Astragalus                 -Kava kava            -Ashwagandha         -Yellow Dock         -Thyme               -Hawthorne     & more!

-Reishi (DE)               -Pedicularis           -Spilanthes              -Dandelion root     -Mullein              -Motherwort

-Lion's mane (DE).     -Milky Oat tops    -Blackberry root      -Burdock root        -St John's Wort  -Wormwoood

-Eleuthero (DE)         -Skullcap               -Damiana                 -Licorice                -Ginger.              -Elderberry